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2023-2024 Schedule of Fees

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APPLICATION FEE (Non-Refundable): $50.00
The Application Fee is a one-time fee when applying for admission.

ENROLLMENT FEE (For New & Returning Students – Non-Refundable): $325
The Enrollment Fee secures your child’s place for the upcoming school year.


A 5% discount is available for the second child and 10% for each child thereafter. The oldest student will be listed as the first student enrolled.


A 3% discount for total tuition when paid in one payment.

Student Material Fee (For New & Returning Students – Non-Refundable)

Enrolls students in class for the year. Covers fees such as, Student Activities Fee, Fine Arts, Library/Technology Fee, field trips, yearbook, testing, and more.

Bus Service Fee

The bus charges are a flat fee of $85.00 per month for 10 months for the first child and $65.00 per month for 10 months for any additional children in the family.

After School Care Fee: $6 per day

After school supervision is available for students of working parents who cannot make other arrangements for pick-up. The cost for this service is $6.00 per student per day for any length of time utilized and will be billed monthly as used. Students in afterschool must be picked up by 5:30 pm or be charged a late fee of $1.00 per minute per student. Any student still at school after the normal 3:25-3:50 pm school dismissal time is automatically placed in after school care.


If a student withdraws after July 31st, tuition is due for the entire current semester regardless of how many days enrolled. The first day of first semester is August 1st the first day of the second semester is January 1st .

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