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North Georgia Christian Academy’s goal is to prepare our students to live as representatives of Christ in any career field to which God calls them by providing them with a Christ-centered educational environment.  Students will be encouraged, nurtured, and challenged spiritually, academically, emotionally, and physically.

All curriculum is taught from a Biblical worldview and is carefully chosen by our faculty and staff to meet the needs of each specific grade level. Along with our core curriculum, all students participate in Fine Arts classes, Physical Education classes, and weekly Chapel. Older students also have a language course each year.

                                               Curriculum Map

Pre-K & Kindergarten:  ABeka Curriculum & Sing, Spell, Read, and Write

                                    First Grade          Second Grade      Third Grade

Bible:                         ACSI                           ACSI                           ACSI

Reading:                  ABeka                         BJU                            BJU

English:                   ABeka                         ABeka                        ABeka

Spelling:                  ACSI                           ACSI                           ACSI

Math:                        SAXON                      SAXON                      SAXON

History:                   BJU                            BJU                             BJU

Science:                   ACSI                           ACSI                           ACSI

                                  Fourth Grade      Fifth Grade             Sixth Grade

Bible:                        ACSI                           ACSI                             ACSI

Reading:                 BJU                             BJU                              ACSI

Language:              BJU                             BJU                              BJU

Spelling:                 ACSI                            ACSI/WW                  WW

Math:                       SAXON                      SAXON                        SAXON

History:                  BJU                            BJU                               BJU

Science:                  BJU                             BJU                              BJU

                                Seventh Grade    Eighth Grade       High School

Bible:                         ACSI                          ACSI

English:                    ACSI                         ACSI                           ACSI/BJU

Language:               BJU/ACSI               BJU/ACSI                 BJU/ACSI/Abeka

Math:                         SAXON                    SAXON                      SAXON

History:                    BJU                           BJU                            AOP/BJU

Science:                    BJU                           BJU                             BJU